I just happened to find the best icon ever.

Also, a formula for consideration:

Reno + Rude + hijinks = hilarity.


I need to post fic.

guess i need to write some

fandom: i fail at it

me: I am really like the fail of fandom
Rebecca: you should get that on a shirt
me: when I see someone mention a BNFs story I'm all like "maaaaan I want internet fame, why can't I do that" and then I remember that I will never do that because what I enjoy is writing marysues
Rebecca: mediaminer has a special section for "self-insertion"
me: I would argue that self-insertion is different from mary-sue, but that's like trying to tell a fundie that yaoi is is different from gay porn
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The pop culture icon series

If I could draw better, or at least get enough time to pretend I can, I would do a series of drawings in which all the FF7 characters (ALL OF THEM, that I can think of) are in costume as follows.

Some of these need no explanation; others…

I will fill these in as the inspiration comes to me. Feel free to add suggestions.

  1. Sephiroth: Frank N. Furter
  2. Cloud: Bella from Twilight (come on do they not have the same confused-emo expression all the time)
  3. Tifa:
  4. Aerith: Lady Gaga (because she's like the Mary Sue of fashion)
  5. Barret: Chef
  6. Vincent: Elrond (similar lady angst? lol)
  7. Yuffie:
  8. Cid:
  9. Nanaki:
  10. Cait Sith:
  11. Rufus: KIRK (with approximately 9.4^23985812015 more hotness than the real one. but shorter)
  12. Tseng: SPOCK (who grew his hair out I guess)
  13. Reno: Hard Gay
  14. Rude: A beefeater
  15. Elena: Cardcaptor Sakura (she is NOT happy about this)
  16. Verdot: Snape
  17. Cissnei: SCULLY! LOL
  18. Hojo: Oronamin C guy (it is an old ad for a vitamin drink)
  19. Scarlet: Madonna
  20. Heidegger:
  21. Reeve:
  22. Zax: L
  23. Genesis: Columbia
  24. Lazard: Sarah Palin (yes, I hate his existence that much)
  25. Marlene: Wendy Testaberger
  26. Psychotic Triplet Clones: this.
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(no subject)

Have decided I need to write the following parody, or at least discuss it in detail:


It'd be like Food Network except with Reno pelvic thrusting in the background.
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Long-ass fucking meme

So I found this neat questionnaire (I guess it's like a really long-ass meme?) about Tseng x Rufus on some Japanese fansite. I thought it'd be fun to do, so I translated it.

I will be glad to rewrite it a bit for Rude x Reno.

Thing is, the Japanese fandom is so bogged down by convention that these sort of things operate on the established premise that [taller or older or brawnier dude] is the seme and [shorter or younger or smaller dude] is the uke, ALL THE TIME NO EXCEPTIONS. If you see something like, Sephi is an uke, it's not for Cloud or Genesis, it's like, he's 12 and being molested by Hojo. (That reminds me, I'm out of every kind of detergent and soap because I POURED IT ALL IN MY EYES AFTER SIMPLY LEARNING OF SUCH A PAIRING'S EXISTENCE)

Anyway, so this presupposes that Rufus is the uke and I have never seen any J-fandom where this is not the case. I mean, yeah, sure, that's my premise too (the president of the world just wants to be loved IN THE BUTT) but it's stupid to just presuppose that. So I'm going to add a question 0.

There are also some dumb questions like "what fashion label would they like" and I'm like, fuckall if I know…YEAH SURE Tseng is a hipster and wears Ed Hardy off duty? Rufus likes Abercrombie but mostly for the shopping bags? What am I supposed to come up with? So I replaced it with what do they like to drink. Nyahahaha.

The Japanese pairing nickname for Tseng x Rufus is TsonRu (Tson is how the guy's name is written in katakana; Tseng is presumably the Wade-Giles romanization, while the more proper Pinyin would be Zeng, which you see on a lot of J-fansites, ANYWAYS) which I do happen to think is ZOMG KAWAII. Yeah.

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Well that took my entire evening! And soon I must rewrite it so that EPK can also enjoy it.
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