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Rude x Reno meme. FINISHED

100 questions for Rude x Reno fans!

0. In your system, do they fall into definite seme and uke roles? Which is which? Why? Do they ever switch it up?
I think they would definitely switch it up. Reno might like being reamed in the ass but he's too adventurous to do the same thing every time. If you have to assign one or the other, it's just that Reno is less stereotypically masculine overall.

Tell us about Rude and Reno’s basic profiles in your system.

1. When is Rude’s birthday?
Dec. 30. Make him a Capricorn.

2. What is Rude’s blood type?
Idunno, AB?

3. When is Reno’s birthday?
August 1. So goddamn Leo.

4. What is Reno’s blood type?
O, according to the theories.

5. What are Rude’s height and weight?
6'2", close to 250. Built like a fireman pin-up.

6. What are Reno’s height and weight?
6'1", 165. Skinny, but he can kick your skull in if he has to. (He'd rather go down on you, though.)

7. What are Rude’s hobbies?
unts unts unts unts unts unts unts unts DODOODODOOODOOODODOODOODODOOO THE SYSTEM IS DOWN
I mean, sometimes, when he needs to let loose, he goes to a dance club and gets crazy with glowsticks to some deafening Costatrash technopop. Nobody knows about this. Except maybe Tseng. Tseng knows everything. Also follows soccer.

8. What are Reno’s hobbies?
Fucking. Pushing people's buttons and being a douchebag. Taking out wagers on shenanigans like "I bet you 500 gil I can get Tseng to take his pants off in the next 5 minutes." Drinking, spreading rumors, flirting shamelessly, and generally causing scandal. (And line dancing BUT DON'T TELL HIM I TOLD YOU)

9. What does Rude like to drink?
Gin and gin and gin and tonic. Mideel iced teas. Anything close to grain alcohol strength.

10. What does Reno like to drink?
Anything. Mostly beer. Or shots. He's easy. …as we know. Has a special affinity for Wild Chocobo (read: Wild Turkey) and…you know what, Jager will just have to stay Jager. (Sorry EPK that is just too good.)

11. Does Rude smoke? If so, what brand?
He thinks it's gross. His grandpa died from it.

12. Does Reno smoke? If so, what brand?
Only when mellow-drunk, or when freaking the fuck out. Whatever's the cheapest in the vending machine.

13. What music does Rude listen to (or even sing at karaoke)?
MAI YA HI MAI YA HOO MAI YA HA MAI YA HA HA! No you can't get him to sing.

14. What music does Reno listen to (or even sing at karaoke)?
Country, but he will never ever ever admit that and will insist that he doesn't really care about music. If you drag him to karaoke he will impress you with an alternative rock repertoire and a really hot voice.

15. What is Rude’s favorite food?
You'd think it would be STEAK or something manly like that, but it's actually something weird like sea urchin.

16. What is Reno’s favorite food?

17. How old is Rude, physically and mentally?

18. How old is Reno, physically and mentally?
27. But he's perpetually 19.

19. What are Rude’s personality traits?
The first google image search result of searching "a man of few words." He's had a rough time and the result is not that he shuts off his emotions—but just that he won't show any at all. He's deep, man. His intuition is something fierce and he'll figure out things before anybody else does. His weakness is that he's too passive, which isn't insecurity but rather a sort of resignation to fate and a conviction that going against the grain will only lead to trouble. But also enjoys his badass-ness and likes to, well, not live on the edge, but skate it once in a while.

20. What are Reno’s personality traits?
Generally a lackadaisical douchebag who is inexplicably the best Turk in the field. Loves being the center of attention…in a bar or in bed. Very persuasive. Doesn't like to take anything seriously, and if you're taking something too seriously he will do his damndest to get you to laugh at yourself. Or just push all your buttons until you want to shoot him in the face. Doesn't really ever lose his cool, which is what makes him both a douche and good at his job. Is capable of getting out of anything with either charisma or badassery, or a combination thereof. …sorta.

Tell us more about your Rude.

21. What kind of place does he live in?
A simple apartment. They tried to make him roommates with Reno but he kicked Reno out because THUMPA THUMPA THUMPA THUMPA

22. What is his “image color”?
Deep green.

23. Around what time did Rude join the Turks?
19 or so.

24. How or why did that happen?
Society didn't want him. But neither did prison.

25. If you met him in battle, what special attacks would he have?
Something with bombs.

26. What item would he drop when you defeat him?
An ipod full of UNTS UNTS UNTS UNTS. Okay maybe some defense items or something.

27. What do you think happened to Rude after the end of the game?
He and Reno are angsting over the destruction of Midgar…

28. If Rude were to get more screen time, what kind of event would you want it to be?
Something badass where the Turks are doing some "cleanup" work.

29. As a follow-up to question 28, what are the merits to the extra scene? (Items you would find, etc.)
Maybe some random hints of background and/or rampant sexual tension with Reno.

30. If Rude were to get a cut scene, what kind of event would you want it to be?
Something where, for some really deep and relevant reason, he takes off his sunglasses.

31. What is your favorite scene with Rude in the original game?
He and Reno and Elena are in this bar in Wutai and Rude goes (in his spectacularly eloquent fashion, but obviously shitfaced) "……Well, cheers…to the Turks……To Reno"

32. What was your first impression of Rude?
Is he supposed to be mute?

33. Why does Rude shave his head?
His hair is curly and he doesn't like it.

34. When Rude is in plainclothes, what do you think he wears?

35. If Rude were to go into a different line of work, what would suit him?
Something fairly ordinary, like a UPS guy.

36. How do you think he would do in that job?
He delivers packages.

37. What is Rude’s family like?
Extended and close-knit, and in a series of very tragic and angsty events, they've disowned him.

38. Does he have any habits or vices? What?
Techno. Pretending he's straight.

39. Does he have any turns of speech peculiar to him? What?

40. Is there anything he says only to Reno? What?
More than three words at a time.

Tell us more about your Reno.

41. Is there a story behind the marks on his face?
It's something all the kids at home did.

42. If you liken Reno to an animal, what kind of animal is it?
A squirrel. A really, really horny squirrel.

43. About what time did Reno join the Turks?
He was 18.

44. How or why did that happen?
He was the go-to information guy in the slums. Shinra decided they wanted him on their side. And they paid better.

45. If you met him in battle, what kind of special attacks would he have?
Well, this is in the game. He has this attack called Pyramid that freezes you in a MAGICAL TETRAHEDRON and paralyzes you for a bit. It's pretty wacky but hardcore.

46. What do you think happened to Reno after the end of the game?
He looks at the smashed up remains of Midgar and breaks down. Yeah, he cries. In Rude's arms. Then they make out.

47. If Reno were to get more screen time, what kind of event would you want it to be?
Something goofy, like hitting on Elena (or Tseng or Rufus or pretty much anybody), or maybe the scene where he's ordered to blow up Sector 7, or what he and the other Turks are doing during Rufus's parade in Junon.

48. If Reno were to get a cut scene, what kind of event would you want it to be?
His face as they escape the doomed Midgar.

49. What is your favorite scene with Reno in the original game?
What do you mean that wasn't in the game?

50. What was your first impression of Reno?
Man this guy is a tool.

51. What kind of place does he live in?
A 1970s porn studio. At least that's what you would think it was at first glance. Actually an apartment on the same floor as Rude.

52. When Reno is in plainclothes, what do you think he wears?

53. If Reno were to go into a different line of work, what would suit him?
Rock star. It's the hotness and the diva-ness. And he can sing okay, too. Hmmm, maybe a country star, akshully…

54. How do you think he would do in that job?
Much too well. Sixteen-year-old girls would claw each others' eyes out over him.

55. What is Reno’s family like?
Tragically nonexistent but for one really awesome aunt who raised him.

56. Does he have any habits or vices? What?

57. Does he have any turns of speech peculiar to him? What?
I like to translate the "~zo, to" as "sorta."

58. Is there anything he says only to Rude? What?
Stuff where he isn't being a douchebag. But only sometimes.

59. Is his hair natural?
Nobody thinks so, but it is.

60. What is his “image color”?
Unnatural neon red.

Tell us about your Rude x Reno fandom.

61. How did you get into it?
I was going to have them be THE PERPETUALLY AMBIGUOUSLY GAY DUO, but then I made EPK watch Advent Children, and, well, yeah.

62. What was the first piece you saw like?
I don't remember. It would have been a while ago when I tentatively looked to see what FF7 fic there was.

63. Do you create any?
It's in the epic. Though I don't know if I can even write them a sex scene—I just am not sure how I would want Rude to behave in bed, and Reno would be different with him, so I'm trying to imagine it and it's difficult.

64. If so, are you posting them? If not, where would you want to post them?
Oh the woes of a Suethor.

65. Which character is easier to draw or write?
Reno. I can't draw brawny dudes at all, and Reno's such a douchebag that he's enormous fun to write. Rude is more difficult; I always have to think really hard about how he's going to react to something, and it still never feels quite right.

66. Are there any other series you look at and wish it was Rude and Reno?
The WHAT IS LOVE sketch. Does that count?

67. Imagine the scene between them as they watch Midgar get demolished.
Rude just kind of stares and can't look away. Reno takes it really hard, almost as if to make up for all the nasty shit he was always able to shrug off. He's puking and can't stand up, and breaks down later. IT'S EPIC ANGSTY

68. When do you think they met, and what was it like?
Contrary to popular fanon, they joined at about the same time and for whatever reason just kind of stuck together. Opposites attract or whatever.

69. What about Reno attracted Rude?
The lulz. And the hawt, and the sensitivity that only shows when he's trying too hard to cheer you up by buying you drinks and being ridiculous, or freaking the fuck out on someone else's behalf.

70. What about Rude attracted Reno?
His honesty and the sharpness of his intuition and the way he saves words for when they carry the most weight. Reno can get physical with pretty much anybody. If it's going to be more than that it wasn't going to start as a purely physical attraction.

71. What do the other characters think about their relationship?
"Huh? You mean they weren't the whole time?"

72. What do you call Rude?

73. What do you call Reno?
Slutty bishie

74. If you picked one of them for a boyfriend (or a husband!) which one would it be?
Reno, though I'd regret it in five minutes.

75. And why did you pick him?

76. And why didn’t you pick the other one?
Well, brawny dudes just aren't my type.

77. If you went to work for Shinra, what kind of job would you want?
Am still convinced I could be a badass with proper training. C'mon, I know Wutaigo! I can get intelligence!

78. You wake up one morning and you’ve turned into Rude! Now what do you do?
Lift some weights because HAAAAAAAY MUSCLES. Then shag Reno senseless.

79. You wake up one morning and you’ve turned into Reno! Now what do you do?
Send naked pictures to Tseng. Send naked pictures to Rude. Send naked pictures to Rufus. Shag the latter senseless.

80. Are there any songs that make you go “OMG it’s so Rude x Reno!!”? If so, what?
"Somebody to Love." And "Tsumi to Batsu" by Shiina Ringo.

81. If you liken Rude to an animal, what kind of animal is it?
A great dane. Dunno why.

82. Rude and Reno got in a fight! What kind of situation would it be?
"Where's my phone?"
(Reno's phone has been stepped on… or stomped on)
"What the fuck!?"
"I told you to stop drunk dialing the President."
"You don't break a guy's phone! Shit, this is why I don't commit to people, they all get fucking psycho!"
"I didn't do it. Tseng did."

83. If you made Rude talk about Reno, what kind of things would he say?
"…………" *drinks something that could kill a horse*

84. If you made Reno talk about Rude, what kind of things would he say?
"This guy. THIS GUY!!! OH MAN! This is my main man right here. This guy is the SHIT, sorta. THIS GUY IS FUCKING AWESOME. JAGER SHOTS! WHY, BECAUSE RUDE IS FUCKING AWESOME!!!" *collapses in Rude's lap*

85. Tell us what kind of Rude and Reno make you go “OMG LURRRVE!”
An ambiguous Rude and Reno, so fraught with tension that they aren't sure what to do with one another and are pretending with all their might to just be friends even though they know it's a goddamn powder keg.

We’re at the final stretch! Tell us more about Rude x Reno.

86. How long have you been into it?
I was going to have them be perpetually ambiguous, like I said, but EPK convinced me they deserve more.

87. Does anything make you go “I hate it when they do this to my OTP!!”?
It isn't my OTP, really ^.^;;  … so I haven't seen anything that really turns me off.

88. Are there any other pairings you’re really into?
The aforementioned TsonRu. *licks lips slowly*

89. Do people around you know you’re into Rude x Reno?
It's not my specialty. But if you're into yaoi and into FF7…… it's stupid obvious. It's like Sephi and Cloud. You really can't make much of a case against it.

90. Is there anyone else you know who is into it?
Oh geez … what's her name … I can't remember.… ;3

91. If you saw Rude and Reno IRL, what would you do?
Kidnap them for EPK. I realize this would be difficult. I do have Jagermeister and gin and tonic water.

92. How many pieces for this pairing have you seen (online and offline)?
Quite a few. Pretty much all EPK's fault. Strangely, no doujinshi, though. I suppose I haven't been looking.

93. What’s the ideal piece you like to see?
You know, I'd like to see Reno top, because nobody seems to write that. I really want to see if it could be done well. I do see Reno as a more dominant personality and Rude as more passive, so maybe I will have to try it myself.

94. Have you thought about Rude x Reno as live action? If so, who would play them?
VIN DIESEL AND DEMITRI MARTIN no I really don't know.

95. Is there any version of Rude that makes you go “I can’t even look at this!”?
EPK only shows me good fics. :3

96. Is there any version of Reno that makes you go “I can’t even look at this!”?
See above.

97. If you had one question for Rude…?
Um… do you… like pie? *is intimidated*

98. If you had one question for Reno…?
Are you a virgin? *just to see the look on his face*

99. Answer honestly! Do you think Rude and Reno are “out”?
To the public, they remain as ambiguous as ever.

100. What is Rude x Reno for you?
Deliciously ambiguous.

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