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Reno/Rude long ass meme, tweaked by teh idol

100 questions for Rude x Reno fans!

0. In your system, do they fall into definite seme and uke roles? Which is which? Why? Do they ever switch it up?
Rude is (almost) always the top. Because it's fucking hot. And the reverse has maybe too many elements of comedy to it.

Also, the following questions are answered within the timeline of Advent Children or just after.

Tell us about Rude and Reno’s basic profiles in your system.

1. When is Rude’s birthday?
Jeez, a lot of these questions I haven't even thought about. All right. *rubs hands together* Time to make stuff up! October

2. What is Rude’s blood type?
universal donor

3. When is Reno’s birthday?
he doesn't know

4. What is Reno’s blood type?
universal recipient

5. What are Rude’s height and weight?
Just a hair under six and a half feet; 292 lbs (ALL muscle... DAMN)

6. What are Reno’s height and weight?
Just a hair under six feet, 169 lbs (yeah I went there)

7. What are Rude’s hobbies?
Martial arts, strategy games, sudoku, crocheting, feeding neighborhood cats, demolitions, reading, cleaning weapons, playing cards, taking things apart and putting them back together, gambling on chocobo races, and looking at Reno's ass.

8. What are Reno’s hobbies?
Drinking, gambling, whoring, pissing of Tseng, drinking, having sex, playing darts, public nudity, vandalism, cheating at cards, practical jokes, prank phone calls, flirting with anything on two legs, line-dancing, and figuring out how to get in Rude's pants.

9. What does Rude like to drink?
Mostly beer. On special occasions, a good red wine.

10. What does Reno like to drink?
The Midgar equivalent of Jagermeister.

11. Does Rude smoke? If so, what brand?
He's trying to quit. A word to the wise: don't make fun of his pink bubblegum.

12. Does Reno smoke? If so, what brand?
Only around No Smoking signs. He used to borrow whatever Rude smokes. Now, it's whatever he can bum off other people.

13. What music does Rude listen to (or even sing at karaoke)?
He has a certain affinity for dance/techno. Rude does not sing. At karaoke or anywhere else.

14. What music does Reno listen to (or even sing at karaoke)?
Country music, but also anything loud and obnoxious. At karaoke, he will sing the raunchiest song they have on the list. Sometimes he makes up lyrics.

15. What is Rude’s favorite food?
Anything that goes with a good red wine.

16. What is Reno’s favorite food?
Chocobo wings. (okay, not really)

17. How old is Rude, physically and mentally?
Rude denies that he's getting close to forty. Mentally, he's all there and pretty sharp to boot; well into middle age mentally.

18. How old is Reno, physically and mentally?
Reno's approaching 30, but he will always be 17.

19. What are Rude’s personality traits?
Rude is a reactor. He observes the world and reacts to it in whatever manner he thinks best. He's quiet by nature, made quieter for his work as a Turk. Much of Rude's personality is on the inside. An observer unfamiliar with Rude would not be able to tell the difference between tense and relaxed. Rude has a very physical presence, and he uses that to his advantage, and he's honed his physicality, but he is not inherently a physical person. He's pretty much put a buffer on his own personality. While he takes joy in many things, he is also very serious.

20. What are Reno’s personality traits?
Reno is a wild card; he will push at anything that looks interesting to see what kind of reaction he can get out of it. What's that, Tseng? You're not interested in a blowjob? Are you sure? Reno uses his boisterous nerves to hide his innate fear and uses his vices to hide his concerns about the world. He finds comedy in most things, however, and will exploit that.

Tell us more about your Rude.

21. What kind of place does he live in?
In my head, the Turks were each placed in above-plate housing scattered throughout Midgar. Rude's apt. would have been neatly ordered with few personal effects or intent at any kind of design.

22. What is his “image color”?
Rude is a dark blue. Like his Turk suit.

23. Around what time did Rude join the Turks?
I vote early 20s.

24. How or why did that happen?
In various ways in my fic. To give one answer: it was a slow, but logical progression. Vague enough for you?

25. If you met him in battle, what special attacks would he have?
Ultimate Ass-Kick

26. What item would he drop when you defeat him?
Hm. Homemade bomb. >D

27. What do you think happened to Rude after the end of the game?
He experienced a brief moment of 'oh crap' before pulling himself together along with anyone else he could.

28. If Rude were to get more screen time, what kind of event would you want it to be?
Since I'm unfamiliar with game play, I choose to interpret these questions in relation to Advent Children.
I'd want to see a travel scene, i.e. how he got from this place to that place.

29. As a follow-up to question 28, what are the merits to the extra scene? (Items you would find, etc.)
The merits to this extra scene would be more screen time for Rude. Oh. Um... character development. That's the technical term for scenes they usually cut out, right?

30. If Rude were to get a cut scene, what kind of event would you want it to be?
I'd want to see a casual event, like getting orders from Rufus, or telling Reno that while he can fly the helicopter, he's no longer allowed to drive the car after what happened Last Time.

31. What is your favorite scene with Rude in the original game movie?
After Reno steps on his sunglasses, he pointedly pulls another pair from his breast pocket. This still amuses me and lends the impression that this has happened before.

32. What was your first impression of Rude?
Why, hello big, bald, and sexy. Might I show you my lingerie collection?

33. Why does Rude shave his head?
I read somewhere (and we all know that this, of course, must make it true) that he's prematurely bald. It's such a human flaw, I like it. Of course, the shaved head does add to his bad-assedness count.

34. When Rude is in plainclothes, what do you think he wears?
So far, the only scene I've written when he's not in uniform puts him in construction boots, jeans, a button-down shirt, and a battered brown coat. Sunglasses included.

35. If Rude were to go into a different line of work, what would suit him?
Crime Scene Investigator.

36. How do you think he would do in that job?
He'd be superb. His attention to detail is rather acute.

37. What is Rude’s family like?
Varies from fic to fic, but more often is large and extended. Siblings, cousins, grandparents, aunts, and uncles out the wazoo.

38. Does he have any habits or vices? What?
His vices are few and rare. Drinking, gambling on occasion. He no longer smokes. (Mostly.)

39. Does he have any turns of speech peculiar to him? What?
No, he's rather more laconic than most.

40. Is there anything he says only to Reno? What?
"Stop that."

Tell us more about your Reno.

41. Is there a story behind the marks on his face?
The one time I reference it in a story, they are scars (from an unnamed source) and the Turks made him get tattoos over them to make his appearance less threatening and slightly more professional. I could go into details. (I won't.)

42. If you liken Reno to an animal, what kind of animal is it?
He's a lot like a monkey of some kind. The cute, agile, little ones. Not the big, ugly ones.

43. About what time did Reno join the Turks?
As soon as he possibly could. Mid to late teens.

44. How or why did that happen?
Take your pick. Generally a variation on he was a criminal, but he was very, very good at it, so the Turks lured him over with that oh-so-tempting Turk salary.

45. If you met him in battle, what kind of special attacks would he have?
Super Sex Attack

46. What do you think happened to Reno after the end of the game?
He had lots of sex, smoked a pack of cigarettes, grabbed Rude, and headed for their next adventure.

47. If Reno were to get more screen time, what kind of event would you want it to be?
I want to see him kick some more ass. And then grope it.

48. If Reno were to get a cut scene, what kind of event would you want it to be?
Flirting with someone inappropriately.

49. What is your favorite scene with Reno in the original game movie?

50. What was your first impression of Reno?
OMG, the slut potential, OMG

51. What kind of place does he live in?
A dump. Not literally, but close.

52. When Reno is in plainclothes, what do you think he wears?
Anything to draw attention/make Tseng do a spit take.

53. If Reno were to go into a different line of work, what would suit him?

54. How do you think he would do in that job?
Depends. On how often he pisses off the customers who didn't actually come to flirt with him.

55. What is Reno’s family like?

56. Does he have any habits or vices? What?
See hobbies listed above. Hobbies, vices; po-tay-to, po-tah-to.

57. Does he have any turns of speech peculiar to him? What?
zoto. Generally translates in my stories to Y'know.

58. Is there anything he says only to Rude? What?
Yes. The truth.

59. Is his hair natural?
Yeah. No one who does what he does (read: be a Turk/get drunk off his ass) has time to keep up on something like that.

60. What is his “image color”?

Tell us about your Rude x Reno fandom.

61. How did you get into it?
I BLAME kyoto_idol!!!! She told me about it then showed me Advent Children IT'S ALL HER FAULT. Reno and Rude = Partners for life = partners for life, if ya know what I mean.

62. What was the first piece you saw like?
Lots of good fic out there for them, don't recall the first, but Glass Slipper sticks with me because of how well the characters are written.

63. Do you create any?
I'm on that like a dung beetle on feces. ...I need a less gross metaphor.

64. If so, are you posting them? If not, where would you want to post them?
On my lj and also here Maybe, someday, there will be pics on deviant art.

65. Which character is easier to draw or write?
I have trouble drawing both of them; Reno is slightly easier. Rude's glasses and expression/lack of expression are hard. Reno is easier to write because Rude is such an internally focused character for me.

66. Are there any other series you look at and wish it was Rude and Reno?
I'd love to see Rude and Reno: Ghosthunters. No really, what does this question mean?

67. Imagine the scene between them as they watch Midgar get demolished.
Reno: Oh..
Rude: Fuck.
Rude: Can manly men hug?

68. When do you think they met, and what was it like?
They meet in different ways in my stories. In general, they join the Turks around the same time-ish and for a long time, neither knows quite what to make of the other.

69. What about Reno attracted Rude?
*checks notebook... yes I have a notebook for this sort of thing*
Reno's fearlessness/recklessness, his hidden generosity, his flamboyance, what he's risen above, and (everyone say awwwwww....) his smile.

70. What about Rude attracted Reno?
Rude's surprisingly gentle nature, his subdued sense of humor, his protectiveness, his fearlessness, his non-judgmental stance, the fact that he keeps secrets and keeps them well, and those sunglasses.

71. What do the other characters think about their relationship?
Elena: What? We're supposed to be surprised by this?
Tseng & Rufus: *no comment*

72. What do you call Rude?
Rude. DAMN. (Also, Rudolph, cause that's hys-TER-ical)

73. What do you call Reno?
Reno. slut

74. If you picked one of them for a boyfriend (or a husband!) which one would it be?
Rude. He's totally solid.

75. And why did you pick him?
Rude's much more my speed.

76. And why didn’t you pick the other one?
Reno would tear my nerves to shreds in less than a day.

77. If you went to work for Shinra, what kind of job would you want?
I think in-game, it would be fun to work with Reeve on whatever it is that he does. Post game, I don't know how much is left of Shinra or if I'd really want to be involved in it at all. I can DREAM about being a Turk, but IRL, I'd die first day.

78. You wake up one morning and you’ve turned into Rude! Now what do you do?
Go kick some ass, man. And possibly blow something up.

79. You wake up one morning and you’ve turned into Reno! Now what do you do?
Jump Rude.

80. Are there any songs that make you go “OMG it’s so Rude x Reno!!”? If so, what?
A la teh Idol, I have a soundtrack for that. If I have to pick one song... CLOSER, Nine Inch Nails. Cause, YES PLEASE.

81. If you liken Rude to an animal, what kind of animal is it?
Something fierce you do not want to mess with. Possibly a boar. Or a bear. A really big bear.

82. Rude and Reno got in a fight! What kind of situation would it be?
Rude: You seen my bubblegum?
Reno: ...um....

83. If you made Rude talk about Reno, what kind of things would he say?
To 'make' him would involve beer. Lots and lots of beer. And then he would say very pretty things about what Reno is like Deep Down Inside.

84. If you made Reno talk about Rude, what kind of things would he say?
He would praise Rude rather brazenly.

85. Tell us what kind of Rude and Reno make you go “OMG LURRRVE!”
Anything with reasonable amounts of drawn-out angst and heart-wrenching confessions. But that's true in all my fandoms.
Uh, the hot sex does it for me, too.

We’re at the final stretch! Tell us more about Rude x Reno.

86. How long have you been into it?
Crap, when'd I see it for the first time??? Almost half a year ago maybe?

87. Does anything make you go “I hate it when they do this to my OTP!!”?
M-preg. Just make it stop. Please.

88. Are there any other pairings you’re really into?
For this fandom? CID/VINCENT. They're such polar opposites and I LOVE that. Triplet fic is teh awesome (STOP THE MPREG STOP IT NOW) I'd love to read a good Sephiroth/Cloud piece. I think I'd be into Cloud/Zack, but I don't know the latter character much. Anything with Tseng. Any... well, I guess pretty much anything. But Reno/Rude is where it's at for me.

89. Do people around you know you’re into Rude x Reno?
My f-list.

90. Is there anyone else you know who is into it?
I believe teh Idol has incorporated certain aspects of it into her EPIC. >D

91. If you saw Rude and Reno IRL, what would you do?
squee, and promptly assault them. They'd enjoy it. ...One of them would.

92. How many pieces for this pairing have you seen (online and offline)?
Man, it's not like I'm keeping track. A lot?

93. What’s the ideal piece you like to see?
Same thing that makes any good story + additional helpings of angst + damn hot sex

94. Have you thought about Rude x Reno as live action? If so, who would play them?
Some fantasies are ridiculous and should not be shared.

95. Is there any version of Rude that makes you go “I can’t even look at this!”?
Not yet. Anything too out of character.

96. Is there any version of Reno that makes you go “I can’t even look at this!”?
Pregnant Reno. A huge no thank you to that. Actually, skip the thank you, and just go with NO

97. If you had one question for Rude…?
So, what's the truth about those sunglasses?

98. If you had one question for Reno…?
...You busy?

99. Answer honestly! Do you think Rude and Reno are “out”?
Not in the announced it publicly kind of way. Only in the everyone knows it anyway kind of way.

100. What is Rude x Reno for you?
Equal partners discovering their equality, discovering ways to work together and make up for one another's flaws, and discovering one another and falling in love despite everything and then hot sex. plzkthnxbye
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