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The pop culture icon series

If I could draw better, or at least get enough time to pretend I can, I would do a series of drawings in which all the FF7 characters (ALL OF THEM, that I can think of) are in costume as follows.

Some of these need no explanation; others…

I will fill these in as the inspiration comes to me. Feel free to add suggestions.

  1. Sephiroth: Frank N. Furter
  2. Cloud: Bella from Twilight (come on do they not have the same confused-emo expression all the time)
  3. Tifa:
  4. Aerith: Lady Gaga (because she's like the Mary Sue of fashion)
  5. Barret: Chef
  6. Vincent: Elrond (similar lady angst? lol)
  7. Yuffie:
  8. Cid:
  9. Nanaki:
  10. Cait Sith:
  11. Rufus: KIRK (with approximately 9.4^23985812015 more hotness than the real one. but shorter)
  12. Tseng: SPOCK (who grew his hair out I guess)
  13. Reno: Hard Gay
  14. Rude: A beefeater
  15. Elena: Cardcaptor Sakura (she is NOT happy about this)
  16. Verdot: Snape
  17. Cissnei: SCULLY! LOL
  18. Hojo: Oronamin C guy (it is an old ad for a vitamin drink)
  19. Scarlet: Madonna
  20. Heidegger:
  21. Reeve:
  22. Zax: L
  23. Genesis: Columbia
  24. Lazard: Sarah Palin (yes, I hate his existence that much)
  25. Marlene: Wendy Testaberger
  26. Psychotic Triplet Clones: this.
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