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How old is Tseng?

In all of the very detailed guidebooks I have—and I have several—nowhere does it give age statistics for any of the Turks. In fact there aren't many statistics for them. For the main characters—the good guys that is—we get their birthdays and ages as well as blood type and height. For the Turks (and Rufus as well) we get no more than what weapon and Japanese personal pronoun they use.

There are a lot of weird things to figure out with this canon, like…is Midgar actually dark and cloudy all the time because of some side effect from the Mako reactors? Or does it just look that way in most of the shots to create a dystopian atmosphere? In most of the games it looks like the former; in some art and in a few shots in Last Order it looks like the sun does sometimes hit Midgar. (Never mind the part about sunlight streaming onto Aerith's house and the church where she hangs out. I suppose one could chalk it up to the speshul powurz of CanonSue.) These are the kind of details I'd really want, and I can't find any Word Of God on it. (Should barge into the Squeenix office with a clipboard next time I'm in Tokyo.)

The other thing I don't get is how certain things in the timeline fit together. For instance: I can't figure out how old Tseng is supposed to be. I've pored over this stuff and it still doesn't seem to add up properly. To start with I have to estimate by appearance and in, you know, not live action, that's still pretty shaky at best.

Okay, let's look at Advent Children. I'd guess he's around 27. Maybe 30 if you really want to make allowances for the anime style fountain of youth. Let's say for this argument that he's 27 in Advent Children.

Crisis Core was taking place about 9 years earlier. That makes him 18. Okay, sure, that's about right, he looks barely legal in this game, and it's not too far-fetched—peak physical stamina and all that, they'd want to recruit Turks pretty early on. Cissnei apparently got picked up at about 15.

But here's the problem. It says all over the place, and this has never been contradicted, that he's been watching over Aerith (as a Turk, watching over the last of the Ancients) since she was 10.

Aerith is 16 at the time of Crisis Core. So, that'd mean Tseng was already a Turk when he was 12. Adorableness aside, that seems rather unlikely.

From what I've seen of Tseng x Rufus fics in Japanese (yeah I read them, it sounds like a raw untranslated yaoi movie in your head!) it seems a lot of the fanon has Tseng also being around in the company when Rufus was little. Of course it doesn't say how old he is either, but for various reasons I pinned him at around 21 at the start of the original game (and 23 in AC). So he was like 16 when he got to be Vice President. Guess pops wanted him to get the hang of things ASAP. Anyways. That would still make Tseng at least 10 years older than Rufus, which isn't ridiculous but is kind of meeeeehhhhh for my delishus OTP.

Okay, so if we try something more plausible with this timeline, let's say Tseng is 19 when he's a Turk n00b and gets assigned to watch over Aerith. That would make Crisis Core 6 years later, so he's 25, and FF7 original 12 years later, so he's 31.

Well that would make sense, and honestly it wouldn't be a problem except that MEEEEHHHHH and I don't feel like I can properly write anybody over the age of 23.

Never mind that Reno barely looks legal himself in Advent Children, which is patently impossible because he's been in the Turks for over a decade at that point. Maybe Verdot decided to make the Turks into a brigade of superbaby assassins.
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