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I blame kyoto_idol AKA the multi-layered meaning of Advent Children

She hast hooked me upon the fandom

Akshully, at least half my posts could easily be prefaced (and some are) by 'i blame kyoto_idol'

So, the other day I was (re)watching Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete for Blu-ray (why yes, I do feel compelled to type out the entire title every time I write it) again, thinking: okay. Lets just say for the sake of argument that I'm one of Sephiroth's psychotic triplet clones(tm) and I need a posse of easily controlled zombies to fight for/protect me.

I wouldn't be going: I know! Children! I tried to reason it out, thinking:

1. argument: Okay, no one - apparently - cares about the orphaned geostigma children dying in the streets (excluding Cloud and Tifa; they're heroes; they don't count).
rebuttle: But also, apparently no one cares about the homeless geostigma adults dying in the streets either.

2. argument: Children are easier to control. Mentally.
rebuttle: Have you ever met a child?

3. argument: The children are more desperate? Are willing to go off with a strange pretty man in the back of a truck?
rebuttle: Not really. It seems the children are more often portrayed as hopeful. It's the adults that are desperate in this story.

4. argument: They're cute? And Cloud won't want to hurt them?
rebuttle: Sure, but he wouldn't want to hurt innocent adults either. (Remember: hero-type)

5. argument: ...
rebuttle: That's right. Geostigma victims aren't gonna be the strongman crony types no matter what, but the adults have gotta be stronger than kids, right?

I think we all see who wins this argument.

Then I visited my friendly local dictionary, just out of curiosity, you see.

ad.vent n.

the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event

me: ...interesting

a coming into place, view, or being; arrival

me: very interesting


Wow. That... that title makes a lot more sense now.

Sephiroth's psychotic triplet clones(tm) come into being.

At first, I didn't want to like the triplets, cause they were just pretty, with archetypal personality defects, with the obvious purpose of providing an antagonist to the story.


Loz is the baby. He is obviously childish. He's got a temper and likes to play with big, loud toys.
Yazoo is the middle child, taking care of what needs to be done, and not expecting too much. Though not above belittling his siblings.
Kadaj is the oldest. He makes the plans, the decisions, and expects to get what he wants, dammit.

Not to mention, they've all got mommy issues.

Yazoo recruits children because they all perceive themselves as children.

They were created thusly, with the intent that a child's need for its mother is, by nature, a profound and unequalled need. They're driven to REUNITE with her because of basic biology and human nature, because no matter what they actually are, they are in human bodies.

If you watch the way they interact, their language is childish, their actions are childish, their impulses are childish.

I honestly believe they think of themselves as children.


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Nov. 8th, 2009 04:29 pm (UTC)
This make sense. The psycho bishie triplets were spontaneously formed out of Sephiroth's will, so they have no concept of age or spiritual development whatsoever. They're "as-is."

In argument #3 though, I would add a counter-rebuttal. Wouldn't kids be MORE likely to dance along after the bishie pied piper if they're hopeful? If the grownups have already lost hope, they wouldn't bother.

I think fanon has gone different directions on this in the meantime, but one interesting thing about the Kevin J. Anderson novel On the Way to a Smile is a description of Geostigma as a disease whose cause is spiritual. It infects through the Lifestream, and can travel through water, but it won't get you unless you're losing hope, thinking about death and TEH END and giving up on the future. Of course, after a near apocalypse this happened to a lot of people, particularly in ground zero Midgar, but outside of Midgar many of its first victims were people who were already terminally ill or otherwise spiritually compromised.

It seems like once you get it, it's got you, but you can slow it down by not despairing.

Therefore, children are actually stronger against Geostigma because grownups are quicker to give up hope. Hence all the orphans.
Nov. 8th, 2009 04:53 pm (UTC)
That's interesting. It makes sense.
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